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Patagonia Kayak School:
Intermediate Kayak Instruction

Our intermediate kayak school courses are designed for those with previous whitewater experience. Participants should have a reliable river roll on one side and be able to comfortably paddle Class III whitewater. Many of these kayak instruction programs are offered out of our kayak school eco-camp.

Whitewater Tune-Up

We start by assessing your paddling skills and based on that, your instructor, along with your, input will develop a personalized kayak instruction program for the week. Our goal in this kayak school course is to discover what is holding you back and to take your kayaking ability level to a higher plane. In this paddling school course we often specialize in bomb-proofing your kayak roll, learning to roll on the off-side, high and low bracing strategies, precise ferrying, kayak lean, and control & draw strokes. The precise kayak instruction syllabus will be determined by you and your instructor. This kayak school course makes extensive use of video tape feedback and analysis.


(8 Days in Patagonia, Chile / 7 over nights / 6 Active Days)

"Give us one week and we will change the sport of paddling for you." Chris Spelius.

Playboating 101

Southern Chile is a kayak surfing paradise. We developed this kayak instruction course specifically to take advantage of the "Big Water" surfing features available to us on the Futaleufu River and its tributaries. We have the perfect teaching wave a short walk from our paddling school lodge and a great play hole at our kayak school eco-camp. In this course you will learn the best strategies to enter and exit surfing waves, learn the basics of front surfing, back surfing, linking and spinning on waves. In hydraulics: the principles of safe side-surfing, exiting and entering, blasting, 360s, elevated 360s, and maneuvering in a hole. We will also emphasize stern squirting, pirouettes, screw-ups and some of the preliminary moves necessary to go vertical on an eddy line. Part of the week will be spent learning the Back Deck Rodeo Roll, the double pump, flat-water cartwheels, and the bow stall. The techniques and strokes taught in this course are on the latest cutting edge of paddling instruction theory. The focus is on your learning and your fun.

Playboating 101

(8 Days in Patagonia, Chile / 7 over nights / 6 Active Days)

Intro to Big Water

Have you ever dreamed of paddling exotic big water, like the Colorado, Futaleufu, or the Zambezi? Do you want to make the leap from paddling Class III whitewater to paddling the Class IV-/IV+ or higher whitewater? If so, this kayak school week is for you and serves as our "Gateway to the Futaleufu" and the guided trips offered at our Campo Tres Monjas kayak camp. We take you step-by-step through the Ten rules of Big Water Paddling. You will come home with incredible experiences and skills. During this kayak instruction week we emphasize river reading skills, eddy hopping, rolling on both sides, boat scouting, boat piloting, boat momentum, and lateral moves - all designed to make river running precise and as effortless as possible. Here you will learn to safely harness the power of the river, and work with it, to put your kayak where it needs to be.

Intro to Big Water

(8 Days in Patagonia, Chile / 7 over nights / 6 Active Days.)

Also offered at the Patagonia South Kayak School: Beginning Kayak Instruction, Intermediate Paddling Instruction, Advanced Paddling School Courses. How to Roll a Kayak clinics and private kayak lessons.

Downloadable pdf: Kayak School

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