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Ground Transport in Patagonia

When to Use Taxis (Chile) or Remises (Argentina) :

Taxis are readily available outside of all International and Domestic Airports, as well as bus stations. If you are an experienced traveler there is no need for advance reserves, grab a taxi for trips under an hour, to get between airports, bus stations, and to and from your hotel. They are reasonably priced however, always ask the price to your destination before committing. Approximate prices for most routes are in the en-route guidance.Between Buenos Aires International airport EZE and the National airport AEP.  (45 minutes under 45 dollars).
Between Esquel airport and Hotel Casa de Piedra hotel in Trevelin and return. (45 minutes under 40 dollars).

When to use private transfers:
If you feel more comfortable arriving in a location and having a driver waiting for you. IF you have a group or family or you have no Spanish skills.  If you are flying into Bariloche and do not want to deal with a bus to Esquel/Trevelin. IF you are flying from Puerto Montt Chile to Chaiten and do not want to deal with a bus from Chaiten to Futaleufu.  Contacting Gilda.

Gilda our travel agent can pre-reserve and pre-pay a transfer for you so someone is waiting every step of the way.  Private transfers can also be arranged after your final day direct from the border (6:00 pm) for a late evening arrival (11 pm) in Bariloche.
Between Chaiten, Chile and Futaleufu.  3.5 hours.  
Between Bariloche Airport and Trevelin Hotel  4.5 hours.
Between Futaleufu and Bariloche 5 hours.

When to use Buses in Argentina
---Bariloche to Esquel/Trevelin
---Buenos Aires to Esquel/Trevelin
---Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn
---Puerto Madryn to Esquel

When to use Buses in Chile
---Chaiten to Futaleufu
---Santiago - Puerto Montt - Futaleufu

When to use Bi-National Buses
---Puerto Montt Chile to Bariloche Argentina
---Calafate Argentina to Torres del Paine, Chile
---Calafate Argentina to Puerto Natales, Chile

When to rent a car

When to travel by train

When to use Buses in Argentina
If you have an extra day for travel and want to get a feel of landscape of Argentina, or are traveling with a kayak. This is a surprisingly comfortable and enjoyable way of traveling and unlike any buses in the USA.  It also saves you money. When you arrive at Buenos Aires (EZE) International Airport there are bus shuttles every twenty minutes (1 hr 15 minutes travel time between airports). If you have time before your connecting flight inbound or outbound it can be an economical comfortable choice to transfer between the bus station and airports. Tickets can be purchased at the airport. If time is limited take a taxi/remis (45 minutes)

Buses From Bariloche to Esquel/ Trevelin
When you fly into Bariloche en route to Futaleufu consider the double decker day buses to get to Esquel/Trevelin. The seats are much more luxurious and comfortable than buses you may be familiar with. There are great views of the mountains and lakes. You can request upper deck seats on the online form. This is the route if you enjoy the cultural interaction, want to save money, and have the time after your flight arrives to get to the bus terminal.  This is the way the Argentines travel.

Bariloche- Esquel/Trevelin Route
Bus departures from Bariloche’s bus terminal vary but sample departures are: 7:00, 11:30, 11:45, 1:40 pm, 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm, 5:15 pm, 6:30 pm. The bus takes 4.5-hours and is under $40 USD to get to Esquel. Grab a taxi from the Bariloche airport (20 min) to the Bariloche bus terminal. Upon arrival to Esquel you will take a taxi from the bus station to your hotel in Trevelin (25 minutes). There are also buses from Esquel to Trevelin every 30 minutes. Casa de Piedra hotel is walking distance from the bus stop.

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Trevelin/Esquel-Bariloche Route
Buses leave Esquel's bus terminal every two hours during the day. Times vary slightly but sample departures are 6:30, 7:00, 7:15, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 12 noon, 2:45 pm, 4:00 pm. The trip takes 4.5-hours and should be under $40 USD . You would have the hotel call a taxi the night before for transport from your hotel in Trevelin to the bus station in Esquel (25 minutes). You should arrive 20 minutes before your bus departs. Upon arrival in Bariloche grab a taxi from the bus terminal to the airport (20 min).

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Buenos Aires to Esquel/Trevelin Argentina
If you have plenty of time, traveling with a kayak, or trying to get to Futaleufu the most economical way, consider these top of the line buses. The seats are like first class airlines if not better. The trip is surprisingly enjoyable if you are in the Class 1 ( Cama Suite).  A Class 2 bus (cama ejecutivo) also offers a very comfortable service unseen in the USA. Class 1  seats recline to a completely horizontal position and some even have Internet. This is a great option for those with extra time who are looking to see the countryside, interact with Argentines and enjoy the adventure. Depart Buenos Aires on a Friday and you will arrive in Trevlin Saturday. These tickets are available online for purchase 30 days prior to departure. The recommended direct bus to Esquel is on El Rapido Argentino. (cama ejecutivo) Ask for this bus and you will not have to transfer buses in Bariloche and you will be pleased with the comfort.

The Estación Terminal de Omnibus, sometimes referred to as the Retiro Bus Station located at Av. Ramos Mejía 1680, is sprawling and enormous, but there is some order with color coding for regions being traveled to. .

*Please note, keep a close eye on baggage in the capital city bus stations.

Buenos Aires - Bariloche - Esquel Route
Buses depart almost every hour for the overnight ride to Bariloche. However, Cama Suite  buses with the horizontal bed - seats, depart three times a day usually around 2:45 to 3 pm. A change of bus in Bariloche and another 4.5 hours brings you to Esquel around 4:30 - 7:30 pm. Take a taxi to your hotel in Trevelin. Sample Itineraries: Cama Suite (1st class) Super Luxury approx $150 usd

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Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn:
If you are traveling to Puerto Madryn for the whale watching trip, the bus and its Cama Suite option is a comfortable option. 17 hours overnight, $150 USD The best bus (Cama Suite) departs at 8:00 pm/ arrives the next day at 12:00 noon. Take a taxi to your hotel.

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Puerto Madryn to Esquel:
If you are traveling to Futaleufu after a Puerto Madryn trip you can be dropped off after the whale watching trip at the Bus Terminal . 9 hours, $50 USD Buses depart between 7:00 and 9:00 pm/ arrive in Esquel at 6:30 am. *This is a nice bus but the seats do not go absolutely horizontal.*

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When to use buses in Chile

Chaiten to Futaleufu
After flying to Chaiten there is a public bus meets the ferries and flights. If you speak a little Spanish, like to travel as Chileans travel, have patience,  and are willing to be pro-active to get on this bus you can save yourself some money. The bus departs from Futaleufu reliably at  6 a.m. arriving in Chaiten at 9:30 a.m.   The return is more informal. The bus waits to pick up passengers from the ferry and the flights.  Usually it departs Chaiten around 11 am, but may end up waiting till 1-2 pm if the ferry is late. It is a 3.5 hour trip back to Futaleufu. The price is more than reasonable. One idea is to pre-reserve a vehicle to Futaleufu and when you return to Chaiten take the bus.  If you want a pre-paid bus ticket on this route contact our office.

Santiago - Puerto Montt - Futaleufu
This route allows travel to Futaleufu. It is also for those looking for the most economical way to get to Futaleufu. We recommend it for our employees or travelers that are experienced travelers with sufficient time.

Santiago- Puerto Montt
Step 1: You will take a bus Thursday evening from Santiago to Osorno (14-hours  $80 ), We recommend getting the best seats available that arrives aroud 6 a.m. arrival at the Puerto Montt bus Terminal. Tickets for this portion are easily purchased online with a credit card but the website is in Spanish. Electronic ticket, ready to print, is sent via email.

---Cruz del Sur
---Cama is the best seat.

---TurBus You can purchase a ticket on their web site.
---Premium is a bed like first class air.

---Bus Norte
---You can purchase a ticket on their web site.
---Cama Suite is a bed like first class air.

They will take a kayak and make a reserve by email or phone. You pay when you pick up your        ticket at the Terminal Sur in Santiago. Confirm this when you make your reserve.

Puerto Montt to Chaiten on the coast daily bus, Kemmel bus. make reserves in advance.
Step 2:  Friday Arrival in Terminal Puerto Montt before 7 am. Board the Kemmel bus for the 9 hour trip along the coast to Chaiten arriving at 4 pm. Phone: + 56.65.253530


Return trips depart from Chaiten at 12 noon for the 9 hour trip to Puerto Montt.

Chaiten to Futaleufu.
Step 3:  Spend the night in Chaiten and grab the mid day bus for the 3 hour trip to Futaleufu. This bus is an informal line. It is incredibly cheap subsidized by the government but advance reserves appear to be impossible. You have to show up to purchase the ticket. Be aggressive in finding where the bus departs in Chaiten and get a seat.

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When to use Bi-National Buses

Puerto Montt-Bariloche Argentina
Sometimes during huge storms it is more reliable to get to Futaleufu through Argentina if you are in Puerto Montt. The bus takes 7-hours, $40 USD Times vary slightly but sample departures are 13:05/ arrival in Bariloche at 22:05. Change bus in Bariloche to Esquel and take a cab to your hotel in Trevelin.

Bariloche-Puerto Montt Chile

Get to Bariloche stay over night connect the following morning to Puerto Montt.7-hours, $40 USD Times vary slightly but sample departures are 7:00 am/ arrival in Puerto Montt at 12:00 noon.

Calafate to Torres del Paine /Guided Ground Shuttle
A guided bus shuttle is available for those going on the Torres de Paine W trek with Expediciones Chile from Calafate. This guided bus shuttle can pick you up from your hotel in downtown Calafate at 5:30 am. You must enter the name of your hotel in the trip sign up process so they will know where to pick you up. You will arrive at the Eco Camp in Torres at 2:00 pm for a late lunch. You are automatically buying the ticket at the same time you purchase your trip as an add on to your Torres W trek. The rest of the group will join you coming from Punta Arenas just before dinner.

Calafate to Puerto Natales (Must be purchased at the bus station in Calafate.)
Buses depart between 7:00 am and 8:00 AM and arrive in Puerto Natales 5 hours later. Tickets are not purchasable online for this route. It would be wise to buy the ticket the day before.

Company: Cootra
Ticket office number 6
Tel: +54-2902 491444

Puerto Natales to Calafate (Must be purchased at the bus station in Puerto Natales.)
Buses depart between 7:00 am and 8:00 AM and arrive in Calafate 5 hours later. Tickets are not purchasable online for this route. It would be wise to buy the day before.

When to Rent a Car:
There are no rental cars available in Chaiten or Futaleufu. We realize that many travelers enjoy a rental car and feel secure in having their own vehicle. Yet, this is not recommended for traveling from point A to point B; there are more reliable methods. Roads are gravel and can be very hard on vehicles, flat tires are common and car rentals are expensive. The distances between our destinations are also very great.  Public transportation is very reliable, comfortable and economical. If there is an interest in a Patagonia driving trip we do know of some fantastic hidden seldom traveled circuit's that can be recommend for rental cars that take you to some great places. You would have to make sure that the rental company arranges international insurance so you can cross back and forth between Chile and Argentina. The drive itself would become part of the adventure to get to Futaleufu. However a car is not needed and would be gathering dust as you participate in your adventure in the Futaleufu valley.

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When to travel by Trains in Chile and Argentina:

The trains of Chile and Argentina have declined in service and re-investment in them has been minimal. We do not recommend them. They can be fun for train fanatics, with a steam train in Esquel that is a great day excursion.  From Bariloche there is a train to the coast.  In Santiago the trains to Chillan are updated. Unfortunately, we do not recommend trains for getting to or from exchile trip destinations.

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