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This is what they say about Expediciones Chile around the world!!!

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Our guest's feedback uncut

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Kayak Touring Canoe & Kayak Magazine-
January 2007
Selected Expediciones Chile's Andes to the Ocean Sea Kayak Expedition as one of the four feature trips of 2007.

National Geograpic Adventure-Nov 2004
Selected Expediciones Chile as the top trip in South America and one of the few in the world that win you lifelong Bragging Rights. They rated our trips as more exciting than running with the bulls in Spain!!! We do not know if we agree but we are thinking of booking a trip to Pamplona, Spain for our next staff training.


El Mercurio Domingo-Jan 2005
Chose Expediciones Chile as the most experienced company to descend the Futaleufu. They showered us with so many positive comments it is almost embarrrassing!! They claimed our owner was an Olympic Medalist when in reality he was a World Championship medalist, though he was on the US Olympic team in 1984. The article gave us an ego trip for sure as El Mercurio is considered the New York Times of Chile.


Blue Adventure Guide- July 2001.
Named Expediciones Chile trips as their "Quintessential Destination."


Discovery Magazine - Ultimate Destinations Spring 1996
David Quammen


Outside Magazine- Jan 2000
Featured our FutaFantasy trip as one of the world’s top 100 far-flung expeditions. According to their January 2000 Trip Finder Issue, "An Expediciones Chile Adventure vacation is guaranteed to change or at least improve your life."


Paddler Magazine
Named Chris Spelius as one of the Legends of Paddling.


Paddler Magazine- Paddlers of the Century Issue
Honored Chris Spelius as a Paddler of the Century.

Discovery Magazine - Destinations December 1995
"Some knowledgeable people will tell you that the Futaleufu is the greatest whitewater river in the world. That's what they've told me, and that's why I'm here. God help the middle-aged journalist who thinks he can handle a kayak." -
David Quammen

Outside Magazine- March 1994
"Spelius Rides the Wave," by David Quammen
Feature article on our company founder about his competitive Whitewater Rodeo days.

Canoe Focus
-August 1994
"When you think you have seen it all you arrive at Campo Tres Monjas and thedefinition of a beautiful setting has to be re-written." - Paul Oz

American Whitewater - December 1995
"No wonder this river is gaining a reputation as the continent's finest boating destination. All you need is to visit a place called Campo Tres Monjas, now one of the finest facilities of its kind anywhere." - Howard Davidson

Television Productions

Extremists - Cable USA "Chris Spelius and the Futaleufú"
Outdoor Life - Cable USA "The Futaleufu"
In the Land we Live In - TVN Chile - Save the Futaleufú
HBO Ole - Cable Latin America Chris Spelius - Extremist
"Life of the River - the Futaleufu" - Liz McGregor production
Plight of the Futaleufu - Public Television USA - Terry Shiels Production
Canadian Public Television - releasing a production 2003 summer
Ruta Chile- TVN Chile- ''La Ruta del Turismo'' releasing february 2005.

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Rafting & multisport

---Original Message-----
From: KEFS27@
Sent: Monday, March 25, 2002 10:07 AM
To: spe@exchile.com
Subject: Testimonial - long!

Dear Chris,
I am so sorry that it has taken over 2 weeks to formulate some sort of commentary on our Futaleufu adventure vacation. Our trip to your corner of paradise allowed me to realize and/or learn many things. One of the realizations is that it is FAR easier to describe a trip to a 5 Star hotel that surrounds one with luxury and feeds ones' soul with nothing more than a chocolate on a pillow than to describe a trip to a lodge such as yours which overfeeds the soul with experiences and beauty! One might return from the luxury-filled world of the 5 Star hotel feeling pampered and relaxed, and quickly return to the life back home well rested. Returning to life as usual is easy in that scenario. I can say with confidence that returning to life as usual was not easy for any of the participants of our trip! I think that is because we are all still trying to digest the experiences that we had while under your care - our souls were truly overfed!
The beauty that surrounds Futaleufu is remarkable! The raw and virgin landscape, completely unlittered by technology and development, is breathtaking. The serene silence that we woke to each morning is unforgettable and was only broken as we approached the wild waters of the surrounding rivers. Riding, paddling and rafting through your wilderness each day presented us with challenges which may have hampered us had it not been for the majestic surroundings as well as the unbridled enthusiasm of you and your guides. Reflecting on our second day of rafting, I don't remember a drop of rain falling on us and yet I know it was pouring! All I remember is walls of wild water surging above us in the raft, and the level of the Futaleufu rising with the help of seemingly spontaneous waterfalls all around us. The thundering sounds of the water, as it fought to crash around the rocks and boundaries that create the rapids, were matched in volume by our laughter and cheers of victory as we survived the unforgiving Futaleufu! At the end of that day and every other day we were tired, aching, cold and completely invigorated - ready to face a night of well deserved celebration!
Not a minute of our fun or excitement would have been the same without the care of your "family." It would be completely inappropriate to call them your staff! I can only imagine your first impressions of us as we dragged ourselves through your front door on night 1! We were like drowned rats - each craving certain comforts of home after the long hours of travel! Nonetheless, you guys kicked the trip into high gear the moment we arrived and somehow managed to keep up a high level of positive energy and enthusiasm for 6 days and nights. How did you do it? The good karma that lives among all of you was highly contagious and was an energy that we all needed, used and did our best to bring home. Thank you!
No, your lodge is not a 5 Star hotel and I pray that it never becomes one. I will forever choose an experience which feeds my soul over one that merely offers a chocolate on the pillow. Our adventure travel vacation with Expediciones Chile will live with me forever, and I look forward to a return trip sooner than later!
Enjoy your last few weeks in paradise!

Chris -
We made it back to Seattle, Washington after 10 weeks of exploring Argentina and Chile. Our weekend in Futaleufu was the most memorable of all our time in Chile. We spent our first day with our friend John learning to kayak on a beautiful lake in the a.m. Our guide was able to take us beginner kayakers to the next level within a couple of hours - kayaking Rio Espolon after a wonderful lunch.

Day 2 was spent white water rafting level 4 and 5 rapids. We were a little "hung over" from our wild night spent in the lodge restaurant and bar, but once we got to the river we were pumped up immediately.

Day 3 we canyoned down some amazing waterfalls. This was another first for us, and the photos we took were amazing.

We would recommend your guides, lodging, staff, and restaurant. We could have stayed longer and already are looking forward to our trip next year.

What a great experience for all levels of adventure travelers.

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Fly Fishing uncut

We got RAVE critiques from the Hillenbrand party:

"Nicolas provided a marvelous introduction to Chile on the road trip from Chaiten."

"Excellent & very imaginative vegetarian meals."

"Chris Spelius & his staff provided an exciting adventure that will live on in our memories."

"Hotel at Futaleufu... Spartan but good... great staff... people the best anywhere."

Highlights: "The people at Futaleufu, guides & guests."

"It was great.... a rural throw back experience in time where people live a simple life .... happy, fulfilled & content. Chris the host & owner was the best, most sincere and genuine host I have encountered in 50 years of diverse adventure travel vacations. A real 1st class person."

SO, U & your people hit another home run.... congratulations & thanks for being all that U R.

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Complaints Uncut

From: CarmenBSTK
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 23:42:56 EST
Subject: Flight to Chile
To: pdlt@

Hello Paula,
We had a wonderful experience in Chile! I am writing to point out some travel problems that we encountered so that hopefully they can be avoided for future clients. Our booking allowed us less than 2 hours to arrive at LAX from Phoenix, get to the international airport, and board the bus which leads to the Lan Chile plane. The last bus leaves approximately one hour prior to the sceduled departure. Lan Chile also had moved our flight up by 30 minutes and we werent notified. We were needless to say disappointed when we were denied boarding to Santiago until the following day. Chris and Expediciones Chile saved the day by picking us up the following day and driving straight to the river! I hope this info helps to prevent similar problems in the future! Thanks for everything,

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