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Fly Fishing in Patagonia, Chile - FAQs

Patagonia Chile Argentina

Some of the most commonly asked questions about fly fishing in Patagonia, Chile. Please drop us an email if you have other questions so that we made include them in future postings.

Why go with Expediciones Chile?

A Variety of Fly Fishing Options:
Our Patagonia fly fishing itineraries cover the entire Futaleufu River Valley from Parque Nacional Los Alerces in Argentina to the Rio Yelcho in Chile. With Expediciones Chile you can: fish the areas below the Futaleufu River from the Isla Monita Lodge, including Lago Yelcho and Rio Yelcho, fish the Futaleufu River and all its tributaries from the CondorNest Ranch, of fly fishing in Argentina in Los Alerces National Park and the headwaters of the Futaleufu from El Encuentro Lodge in Argentina.

Years of Experience:
We have been in business and operating in Patagonia, Chile and Argentina since 1986. Our long history in the region has provided us with an unsurpassed knowledge of both countries to smooth the way for all of our guests.

Guaranteed Departures:
We guarantee departures on most of our fly fishing trips! We won't cancel a trip at the last minute due to lack of people. We can also accommodate last minute bookings on many of our lodges and have run trips with as few as one or two people. If you are planning a fly fishing trip in our area that is not guaranteed departure (participation dependent) keep Expediciones Chile in mind as a back-up. We might be able to save your vacation.

Professional Guides:
Our guides are professionally trained and certified with many years of international guiding experience on their resumes. We hire only the most personable guides who are gregarious, well-informed, supportive, patient, conscientious, clean-cut, and safety oriented.

Fly Fishing Instruction:
For those who want to learn to fly fish , we offer a week of world class instruction from the Isla Monita Lodge based on the upper shores of Lago Yelcho.

Multisport Options for Non-Fly Fishers:
For those non fly fishers in your group check out our extensive multisport menu for yourself, or for your fishing companions. On many of our trips you will have the opportunity to add horseback riding, sea kayaking, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, canyoning, whitewater kayaking an trekking to your Chile fly fishing itinerary.

Worldwide Offices:
Because we are based in the United States in Sun Valley, Idaho and Futaleufu, Chile, we take care of you every step of the way! Our staff will get back to you within a short time of your call or email - no matter where you are in the world!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you pronounce Expediciones Chile? and Futaleufu?
The correct pronunciation is: "Ex-ped-ish-she-oh-nays". "Expediciones" is the Spanish version of the English word "Expeditions". In North America we are inclined pronounce "Chile" the the same way we pronounce "Chili" but the correct pronunciation is "She-lay". Futaleufu is pronounced: "Foo-tah-lay-oh-foo". Futaleufu is a Mapuche indian word meaning Big Big River - the two "fu"s, one at the beginning and one at the end, connote this meaning.

What kind of fly fishing gear and tackle do you provide anglers?
It is recommended that you bring all of your own gear while fishing in Patagonia with us. The Isla Monita lodge will sell some flies and replacement equipment if things break, but all anglers should try to be self sufficient as possible. For people learning to fly fish we do provide some gear (rod, reel, flies) but this equipment will probably not be satisfactory to expert anglers. We do ask that everyone signed up for our fly fishing Chile trips bring chest waders. An inexpensive pair will do just as well as the expensive kind.

Do I need a fishing license to fish in Argentina or Chile?
Yes. However, some of the time the Chilean and Argentina governments do not have fishing licenses available to issue in the remote regions we fly fish. When the municipalities have licenses on-hand we do purchase them for our anglers.

Can a beginner fly fisher come go fly fishing in Chile?
Yes. Our Patagonia fly fishing vacation packages are fully guided and for those needing lessons or instruction, a guide will be more than happy to assist you. Learning to fly fish is easier than you think!

What kind of fish can we expect to catch?
Resident native Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Sea Run Browns, Steelhead, Coho Salmon, King Salmon, & Chinook Salmon - depending on the time of year and waters we fish. See our page on the Fish of Patagonia for more information.

What size of fish can we expect to catch?
Resident browns and rainbows can reach 10-15 pounds. While fish this size are caught with some frequency, it is the 4-8 pound trout that are consistently landed. In Los Alerce the fish tend to be somewhat larger. Our Salmon can run upwards of forty pounds.

What temperature is the water?
The Futaleufu River averages between the fifties and high sixties depending on the time of year. The surrounding tributaries usually run colder and the lakes warmer.

What will the weather be like?
The weather along the Patagonia coast can be unpredictable, even in the high summer, storms can roll-in and stick around for few days. It is best to be prepared for all types of weather conditions - please follow carefully the recommendations provided in our packing lists. To read more about the weather and seasons in Patagonia, Chile see our Patagonia Weather page.

What flies and rods do we bring for fly fishing Chile?
Please download our fly fishing packing list or visit our web page on Fly Fishing Gear & Tackle.

How many fly fishing guests do you accommodate at one time?
Our CondorNest lodge accommodates six anglers. Isla Monita accommodates fourteen anglers. Our lodge in town accommodates six anglers (not including multisport participants). Our lodge in Argentina. El Encuentro accomodates 8 anglers.

What is your fishing policy?
We practice "Catch-and-Release" at all of our lodges. We are trying to work with the local government to make "Catch-and-Release" the law in our area. Please see our Catch & Release webpage about the specifics of our policy.

What is the Patagonia fly fishing season?
The official fishing fly fishing season in Patagonia starts in September but our lodge is not operational until November 1st . Our season ends on April 15 th .

How far are we from the fly fishing?
Our Futaleufu Lodge is located directly on the Espolon River . The Condor Nest Ranch is located on the Futalefu River. Isla Monita is an island at the confluence of Rio Yelcho and Lago Yelcho. El Encuentro is located in Argentina on the upper Futaleufu. There are some longer drives or boat rides to get to different areas but anglers are within walking distance of great Patagonia fly fishing waters at all locations.

Are spin fishers welcome on your trips fly fishing Chile trips?
Yes, but hosting spin fishers is a rarity for us. Occasional spin fishers usually come along with a group of fly fishers. Spin fishers must adhere to the same catch and release policy as our fly fishermen. Please be sure to let us know if there will be spin fishers in your group. We also would be happy to teach spin fishers how to fly fish if they so desire.

What types of Fishing do you do?
Wet & dry fly fishing. We use rafts and catamarans for the Futaleufu sections along with traditional wading. At Isla Monita there fare float tubes, pontoons, Hyde drift boats (MacKenzie River boats) and jet boats, as well as sturdy local lake and river boats, so that the angler's fishing preferences can always be accommodated.

What can I do if I don't want to go fly fishing in Patagonia but want to join others on this trip?
Expediciones Chile has a wide variety of activities for non fly fishers. Whitewater rafting & kayaking, sea kayaking, horseback riding, trekking, mountain biking, canyoning, and our kayak school are all options. If you want to learn how to fly fish that is also an option. Please check our website for further details.

Is tipping required?
Tips are not expected, but if you feel that your team has provided you with exceptional service tips will be greatly appreciated.

Other Fly Fishing in Patagonia options include: Fly Fishing in Chile at the Isla Monita Lodge, Chile Fly Fishing from the CondorNest Ranch, Patagonia Fly Fishing Lodge - Multisport Vacation, Argentina Fly Fishing in Los Alerces, Chile Fly Fishing Lodge Instruction. All of our programs adhere to our Catch & Release Guidelines for Fly Fishing in Chile.

Downloadable pdf Brochure Chile Fly Fishing

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