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Quick Facts


A detailed sketch illustrating the key kayak Pillow Rock
A detailed sketch illustrating the key kayak Pillow Rock

Pillow Rock is one of the more interesting play features on the Futaleufu River. It is located just after the confluence with Arroyo Blanco joining the Futaleufu from river-left. Here the river runs into a large rock and rebounds producing a world class pillow feature that is suitable surfing and spinning.

High and Low Water

As the river drops this pillow feature becomes better and better.


Scout the Pillow Rock from the eddy on river-right just above the rock. This is also the service eddy.


The river-left boil line behind the rock is powerful and runs deep. Be prepared for some significant downtime if you catch a seam in a small volume boat. Paddling back up to the rock and service eddy will be a hassle if you get far beyond the slack water generated by the rock. On the river-right side keep your knuckles away from the rock as your kayak gets surfed-off the wave and goes around the rock.


Maximizing Play

Eddy-out above the wave on river-right in the service eddy. Ferry out to the rock with an aggressive angle and pivot your boat once you are on the wave face. There is also an interior eddy behind the foam pile that can be briefly caught. Aim directly for it and spin around to catch the foam pile; act quickly otherwise you will do an unintended splat around the right side of the rock. Once you are off the wave don’t dawdle on any of the eddy lines as paddling back into the service eddy can be a fairly tiring.

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