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Exchile Travel Philosophy:
We want to make your trip the experience of a lifetime.  Let us know what kind of traveler you are, and what you are interested in. Using our extensive experience in remote Patagonia we will design a trip for your approval. For your travel to Patagonia we will stack the deck in your favor. 

Why fly through Argentina?
Argentina is on the dry side of the Andes. The transportation system is more developed and the most reliable way to get to Futaleufu Chile.  There are six jet flights a week. it is a 2.5 hours from Buenos Aires to Esquel.  Your hotel in Trevelin is 45 minutes from the Esquel airport.  The start of your trip is 45 minutes on a dirt road at the remote Chilean border. International flights are more frequent and often less expensive to Argentina. Experiencing both the Argentine and Chilean culture is an added bonus. 

If one is traveling to Torres del Paine after a trip in Futaleufú, it is easier done through Argentina. Public or private ground transport can take you from Futaleufu to Bariloche, Argentina for a direct flight to Calafate. Connecting ground transport will take you to your trip in Torres del Paine.

Can I fly through through Chile if I want to be in Chile before or after my exchile trip?
Yes! Fly from Santiago to Puerto Montt is a 1 hour 50 minute jet flight. Futaleufu can be reached by 7 pax twin engine Charter flight from Puerto Montt in one hour. This is a good option for a family or group. A more economical regularly scheduled 35 minute flight is available from Puerto Montt to Chaiten 6 days a week.  Futaleufu is served by a daily public bus (3.5 hours) from the Chaiten airport or private transport.

If you are are going to direct to Torres del Paine National park it is best to fly from Santiago to Punta Arenas Chile. Torres is a 5.5 hour drive from Punta Arenas.  

Do I need a visa?
Foreigners from certain countries are charged reciprocal visa fees when entering the international airport.

Americans, Australians and Canadians must pay a Argentine visa fee online before they arrive in Argentina. PAY HERE.  Once the payment is received, an electronic receipt will be given and passenger would need to show it upon their arrival in Argentina. Lack of such proof of payment will generate the threat of denial of entry of the passenger.

List of countries that need to pay reciprocal visa fee when entering Argentina.



NEW IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Passengers flying to Chile

Americans do not need to pay a fee in Chile. Australians and Canadians must pay if they are flying into Santiago’s International Airport. No one is required to pay a Chile visa fee when entering Chile at the Futaleufu border (El Limite) or at Torres del Paine border (Cerro Castillo) or other land border crossing, when crossing into Chile.  Updated 6/10/2015.

Countries that require visa fee to enter Chile at the International airport:

Countries that do not require a visa fee to enter Chile at the international airport.  

Which carriers do I use?


How long are exchile trips?  We describe the length of our trips by how many full active days of adventure you will experience with us. We do not count getting here as part of your exchile trip.  Many of our trips are are six full active days based on taking off one week of work. You depart your home country on a Friday and returning to your home the following Sunday. We also have four active day trips. Many of our clients couple together multiple weeks and up to a month with our custom adventures. 

What happens if I encounter en-route travel problems? We monitor our emergency phones 24 hours on Saturdays, your incoming and outgoing travel days. Our experience has lead us to recommend T-mobile phones that have proven to connect instantly and automatically both in Argentina and Chile with free text messaging. Their global plan is dirt cheap at 20 cents a minute for calls. A T-mobile cell phone in Patagonia is like carrying a guardian Angel with you as you travel. You can get in touch with us and we can call you back. 

Exchile is not financially responsible for travel complications getting to or from the trip pick up point. However, our team combined with Gilda as your travel agent can be relentless and very well connected allies in helping correct any issues or problems along the way. 


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Interactive Google Map (For High Bandwidth): Use the interactive map below to orient yourself to our region of the world and familiarize yourself with the different travel routes available. Use the zoom function (+/- button) to expand the area to which you will be traveling.

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Located in the South America, Expediciones Chile specializes in adventure travel vacations in Patagonia, Chile and Argentina. Go Patagonia rafting on Chile’s world famous Futaleufu river. Go trekking in Chile with us and experience Torres de Paine, Cerro FitzRoy, Las Glaciares National Parks. Go Patagonia horseback riding in the Futaleufu valley. Kayak Chile whitewater from Expediciones Chile kayak eco camp. Go sea kayaking Chile from the Andes to the Ocean or participate in a kayak instruction week. We also have yoga rafting trips and eco tours. Experience world class fly fishing Patagonia style from our fly fishing ranch. Skiing Chile and Argentina trips. Find information about travel in Patagonia, Chile maps and weather in Patagonia on our website.

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