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How We Got Here From There
by Carol Spelius

HOW WE GOT HERE FROM THERE, by Carol Spelius, is a smooth read about a breakneck family that never met a mountain or a whirlpool that it did not adore. This book tells a remarkable story of a family headed by a remarkable woman and her Powder Snow Man. She and her white-nuckle family have an altogether other idea of a day at the beach.

The Spelius clan is really an Olympic pentathalon team disguised as a family of six. They jump out of helicopters into snow drifts. They boat treacherous waters.

They parachute from jet fighters over North Vietnam. They raft and kayak, tend sheep, play classical piano and write poetry. HOW WE GOT HERE FROM THERE is an adventure story that makes the Swiss Family Robinson look like slackers. I loved every page of this book and its whole avalanche of articles, essays, poems and horror stories. -- Bill Brashler

Bill Brashler, a Chicago-based writer who is nationally known , has authored fourteen books. His credits range from mystery writer to expert on black baseball history to Esquire articles to humor for the Lands End catalog. He also lectures and teaches writing workshops.

Lake Shore Publishing, 373 Ramsay Road Deerfield, IL 60015
Copyright 2000 ISBN #0-941363-18-X
To order this book from Amazon.com click on the image of the book cover above.






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