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Fly Fishing Gear

Please download and review the packing list above. If you conclude that you are missing some equipment and clothing we have prepared this webpage in affiliation with Orvis, Backcountry REI to help you select and purchase gear for your trip. This following examples will also serve to show you what we feel is the "ideally outfitted" fly fisher for fishing the waters of Patagonia, Chile. Whatever gear you decide to bring with you keep in mind that the Futaleufu valley is a rugged and remote destination that will test your clothing & equipment. Durability and reliability are key in determining what items to take. If something breaks and needs to be replaced you likely won't be able to do it in Chile. In some cases these links will take you directly to the item pictured and others will bring you to the storefront in which you can find them. Try to place orders with these websites a few weeks beforehand in case of the need to exchange items or in case of back orders.

Note: All gear that you do bring to Chile will needed to be throughly disinfected before it is used on our waters. This is to prevent the spread of aquatic diseases and pests. We ask that you do this in your home country. Disinfection will also be repeated here.

Gore-Tex stocking foot waders pack nicely and have the benefit of being comfortable in a wide range of conditions you will encounter in Chile. Temperatures during your visit can swing wildly. We find that Gore-Tex waders keep you comfortable whether it is 90 degrees and sunny or 45 degrees and dumping rain.

Underwader pants can't be beat for breathability and comfort. Some models can also serve as after fishing pants for those trying to save weight.
A safety belt for waders is mandatory as a safety measure when walking and wading in and around the swift rivers of the area. Gravel Guards will help protect your waders from accidental puncture and abrasion.
In the Futaleufu region quality wading boots are, if anything, more important than fishing waders. The boots below have the added benefit of giving excellent ankle support. Do not bring any waders or boots with FELT due to fears of spreading unwanted organisms in Chile.

Socks to keep your feet warm on and off the river.

Multiple sets of appropriate long underwear, synthetic piles, and gloved for sun and cold are also recommended.

For cold it will definitely be worth your while to bring a wading jacket that you won't look goofy in when not fishing. Hoods are essential. Orvis has a great selection of breathable wading jackets. For the intense sun and the occasional rain don't forget a hat.
For fishing shirts we recommend the Orvis BUZZ OFF models for their elegance of design , comfort and utility. The multi-pocketed Columbia Bonefish has also been a guide favorite. On the clear days you will still want a hat to protect you from the sun.
Our guides prefer polarized that screen out the glare so we can see deeper into the water. Whatever your preference sunglasses are a mandatory item because of the intense UV rays in the Patagonia region.
For years we saw the need for something that could carry all of our gear, allow easy access to it and be compatible with hydration systems. In the past we have used Camelbaks®, which work fine in Chile if worn with a pocket intensive fishing vest. Orvis has come out with a series of packs that fit the In addition to a 1.8 liter hydration reservoir, the pack also has almost 400 cubic inches of storage space. The pack straps have a total of 13 pockets to stuff your fly gear in – all within easy reach.

We favor 4-piece, 9' rods with five or six weight lines. Fast tapers allow you to punch through breezes while still allowing a degree of delicacy to your presentation. Orvis's T3 rods have proved to have the right combination of power and control. They also have a big selection of rod bags and cases.
Large arbor reels will allow you to pick up line quicker and give you more control when playing big fish. We live by them in Chile. Make sure that you can stuff 100 yards or more of backing, plus your fly line, on your reel.

Five or six weight forward lines or shooting tapers are most appropriate. At a minimum, you will need a floating and sinking tip line. An intermediate speed sinking line is also useful. We do a lot of our fishing with sinking tip lines.
We typically use 9' 2X to 5X leaders in Patagonia. Our fish are not terribly leader shy. Much more important is being able to throw big flies and to land fish as quickly as possible. Bring lots of leaders. Bring lots of tippet material. Lead substitute putty is environmentally safe and great when fishing deep moving water.
Surface activity on Patagonia lakes is limited to damsel and dragonflies - but when it's on, it's great. Pods of large trout can often be seen cruising shallow weeds beds looking for hovering dragonflies. Check out Orvis's selection of dry flies, emergers & terrestrials.

For nymphs Orvis has an ecellent selection as well.

Much of our fly fishing on the Futaleufu river is done subsurface with big, weighed streamers Orvis has a great selection of Mudlers, Buggers and Sculpins.

The sun is very intense in Patagonia, Chile - much more so than in the Northern Hemisphere. Make sure you come prepared. We recommend a waterproof sun screen, a zinc oxide sun block cream and a lip balm.

If you wear eye glasses or sunglasses we recommend floating eye glass retainers. We found this great waterproof camera case from Aquatec that can accommodate most brands.

When it rains in Patagonia it really rains. Our storms come directly off the Southern Pacific and lose most of their moisture before reaching the Argentine border. You will want to have a good rain jacket in case the weather turns ugly. Check out the jackets from Patagonia and The North Face.

To go with your rain jacket pack along a pair of breathable waterproof pants.

You can expect much of the weather to be warm and sunny. We recommend coolmax or other synthetic materials that are easy to wash and dry quickly.

Nylon or synthetic shorts wear well and dry quickly after getting wet. The North Face makes a long pant version that is perfect for cooler nights and to keep the bugs away.

For off the water sandals are the perfect footwear. Check out the latest offerings from Chaco, Teva and Merrell. If you are planning on doing some off-river hiking on your vacation plan on taking a light to middle weight boot.


Expediciones Chile has running adventure travel trips in Patagonia since 1985. Try rafting Chile on the Futaleufu river. Trekking Patagonia in Torres del Paine, Cerro FitRoy and Las Glaciares National Parks. Sea kayaking Patagonia from the Andes to the Ocean or take lessons at a world class paddling school. Kayak Futaleufu whitewater from our kayak eco camp. Mountain biking in Patagonia wilderness. Earn a swiftwater rescue certification on the Futaleufu river. Fly fishing Chile and Argentina on the famous Lago Yelcho. Snow Skiing in Chile & Argentina. Eco tours and yoga travel vacations. Information about weather Patagonia, Patagonia travel and maps of Chile on our website

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