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Trekking in Chile:
Why go with Expediciones Chile?

Years of Experience:

We started running trips in Chile over the North American winter of 1985/86 and have over 20 years experience operating in the countries of Chile and Argentina. During tha time we have devilered world class vacations with an impeccable safety record.

Weatherproof Lodging:
For those looking for a more luxurious Patagonia trekking experience we offer trips from our CondorNest Ranch and our native wood Lodge in the town of Futaleufu. When trekking Torres del Paine or FitzRoy you will find your accommodations at comfortable inns, lodges, refugios or the spectacular Torres Eco-Camp depending on your itinerary.

Variety of Trip Options:
We have guided Chile trekking trips for every comfort level, from lodge based trekking trips to multi-day expedition trips. With Expediciones Chile you can go trekking in Torres del Paine and FitzRoy, two world famous tourist destinations, or experience the genuine Patagonia of the remote Futaleufu River Valley, well off the beaten path.

Multisport Options for Non-Trekkers:
Non-trekking companions have complete access to the entire Expediciones Chile multisport Adventure Vacation menu
- call us for a package price!

Guaranteed Departures:
We guarantee departures on many of our Patagonia trekking trips. We won't cancel a trip at the last minute due to lack of sign-ups. We can also accommodate last minute bookings on many of our trips and have run trips with as few as one or two people. If you are planning a trip in our area that is not guaranteed departure (participation dependent) keep Expediciones Chile in mind as a back-up. We might be able to save your vacation. All of our Futaleufu River Valley trips are guaranteed departures. Our Torres del Paine trekking trips and FitRoy trekking trips usually require a minimum of 2 people - call our office to book these trips.

Professional Guides:
Our trekking guides are professionally trained, often with many years of international guiding experience on their resumes. We hire guides from all of the world including native Chileans and Argentines. We look for the the most personable guides who are outgoing, gregarious, well-informed, supportive, patient, conscientious, clean-cut, and safety oriented.

Cultural Interaction:
Due to the great popularity of destinations like Torres del Paine and Mount FitzRoy, which can be quite crowded during the high season, we felt that our guests were often missing out on the genuine Patagonia experience. To compensate we began trekking trips in the remote Futaleufu River Valley of Patagonia, Chile where frontier life is still intact. In Futaleufu you will get to experience the genuine culture of Chilean Patagonia from this spectacularly situated alpine village – and a true cultural immersion experience awaits you as we trek through remote villages and ranches. Imagine the American West one hundred years ago!

Worldwide Offices:
Because we are based in the United States in Sun Valley, Idaho and Futaleufu, Chile, we take care of you every step of the way! Our staff will get back to you within a short time of your call or email - no matter where you are in the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Expediciones Chile located?
We have a year-round office in the United States based out of Sun Valley, Idaho. From December to April we have a seasonal office based in Futaleufu, Chile.

How can I find out more about one of your trekking trips?
For more information about trekking in Chile or Argentina, please contact our office using our contact form or call us at 1.888.488.9082.

How do you pronounce Expediciones Chile? Torres del Paine and Futaleufu?
The correct pronunciation is: "Ex-ped-ish-she-oh-nays". "Expediciones" is the Spanish version of the English word "Expeditions". In North America we are inclined to pronounce "Chile" the the same way we pronounce "Chili" but the correct pronunciation is "She-lay". Torres del Paine is pronounced: "Tor-rays-del-pine-ay" Futaleufu is pronounced: "Foo-tah-lay-oh-foo". Futaleufu is a Mapuche word meaning Big Big River - the two "fu"s, one at the beginning and one at the end, connote this meaning.

Can I book custom (or private) trekking trips to your destinations that are different from the published itineraries? Yes, but keep in mind that these options will likely be more expensive than scheduled departures. Much of the excess cost will involve incurred transportation charges. A private round-trip shuttle between Punta Arenas and Torres Del Paine must travel over 500 miles (800 kilometers) and one between Chaiten and Futaleufu about 200 miles (325 kilometers). Fuel is expensive in our region and vehicles are a precious comodity. Traveling with a group can help defray these costs.

How difficult is the trekking in Chile? Do I need to be physically good shape?
We have a wide selection of trips aimed from demanding to fairly relaxed and easy. Trekking in Torres del Paine and the Ruta de los Arrieros in the Futaleufu Valley are physically demanding. Trekking in FitzRoy, Perito Moreno and Los Glaciares is rated moderate. Treks out of our Futaleufu Lodge can be varied from demanding, to moderate to easy.

Is altitude a problem on your Patagonia trekking vacations?
Fortunately all of our treks in Patagonia are within a few thousand feet of sea level. However, there are a few treks that offer the option of going high. But with good planning and common sense AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) is easily avoided.

Should I begin an exercise program before trekking in Chile?
Yes, it will make your trekking vacation experience much more enjoyable. Regular bicycling, swimming, jogging, cross-country skiing, aerobic exercise will be of great benefit. Give yourself about three months to get in shape.

How many hours will I need to walk per day during the trek?
Depending on the Chile trekking tour you select you can expect to trek for a few hours a day to all day. When doing our circuit treks you may be expected to walk most of the day with a backpack, depending on the trekking itinerary.

What kind of qualifications do I need to go trekking in Chile?
Our trekking Chile trips go from easy to demanding. For a number of our trips we recommend that one be an experienced trekker. These trips are remote, with no easy access. Trails may be muddy with numerous stream crossings, and participants should come equipped with a spirit of adventure and a willingness to assist the guides when they are in need.

I don't want to trek with a backpack, what are my options?
In the Futaleufu Valley we use horseback support which allows trekkers to carry only a small day pack. For Torres del Paine and FitzRoy trekking vacations we ask that you bring a waterproof duffel bag for most of your gear and trek with a small day pack.

What kind of food should we expect during the trekking in Patagonia?
Expediciones Chile takes the handling and preparation of food very seriously. We have an internationally trained gourmet chef working out of our lodge in Futaleufu and we serve fresh produce directly our of our company greenhouse. However, when away from Futaleufu the menu will vary depending on the trek and location. Many of the lodges and inns offer a menu consisting of a wide range of food items especially popular trekking areas. Guests should take the normal travel precautions when in these areas.

When is the best time to visit Chile?
Our trekking season runs from October to April. For trekking Patagonia, January and February correspond to high Summer and are more popular than the shoulder months.

What is the weather like in Patagonia, Chile?
The weather in Patagonia is notorious for high winds and extreme variability. Days can range from sunny with temperatures in the 70s to rain, hail, and occasionally even snow in Torres del Paine and while trekking FitzRoy. Trekkers should come prepared for all possibilities and equipped with good quality rain gear. Nighttime temperatures in the FitzRoy and Torres often drop down into the 30s. For more information consult our Patagonia Weather page.

How far in advance should I make a trekking reservation?

The further in advance you make reservations the better. Especially in cases of the most popular trekking destinations like Torres del Paine or for holiday weeks over Christmas and New Year. You will also save on the cost of airline tickets by booking as early as possible.

What kind of accommodations should I expect on your trekking trips?

This will depend on your individual Patagonia trekking itinerary. We have trips that stay in four star hotels to those that make use of local hosterias and family run ranches. Our camping options range from luxury Eco Camp to remote wilderness camping.

Other Trekking in Chile options include: Trekking Patagonia in the Futaleufu Valley Lodge , Trekking Chile's Route of the Cowboys, Torres del Paine Trekking Tours , FitzRoy Trekking Vacations . We also offer two weeklong Futaleufu, Cerro FitzRoy and Torres del Paine combination trips: Trekking in Patagonia: Torres del Paine and Futaleufu Combo , Chile Trekking: Trekking FitzRoy & Futaleufu Combo , Patagonia Trekking: Trekking in Torres del Paine & FitzRoy. For further information see our Trekking in Chile FAQs

Downloadable pdf: Chile Trekking

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