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Guidebooks, Maps & DVDs

Most people coming to Chile will want to do some pre-trip reading to familiarize themselves with Chilean geography, history, wildlife and culture. We prepared this page in affiliation with Amazon.com to help you find the most helpful books, maps and DVDs currently on the market. As of August 2005 all of the items listed below were in stock. In some cases the links will take you directly to the item pictured and others will bring you to the storefront in which you can find them. Try to place orders with Amazon at least a few weeks beforehand in case of the need to exchange items or in case of back orders. We also urge you to take a look at the "customer comments" section to help find books that will best suit your taste.

General Travel Guidebooks about Chile
Anyone visiting Chile will want to purchase at least one guidebook and possibly two. We recommend the Lonely Planet series and have heard great things about Chile Experience from our previous guests. One of those volumes combined with a book like "Insight Guide Chile" or "Culture Shock! A Guide to Customs & Etiquette" will give you a good well rounded foundation before you arrive in Patagonia.




Maps of Chile
Chile is a long country characterized by extensive shorelines and towering mountain ranges. From the deserts in the north to the glaciers of the south it is over 3000 miles long (4800 kms). A good map will help you find where you are going in this vast country and then help explain where you went to freinds and family after you get back. more maps

Patagonia Travel Guides
There are not many travel guides dedicated exclusively to Patagonia, most are combined with other regions of Chile and Argentina. However, we did manage to find this volume from Time Out.

Patagonia Maps
For those journeying extensively in Patagonia we suggest either of the following two maps. These will be more detailed and focused than the maps of Chile which cover the entire length of the country. more maps

Patagonia Travelogues
Travelogues and travel diaries are often a matter of personal taste, but Bruce Chatwin's "In Patagonia" has stood the test of time. If you want some insight into the Patagonia region, from the eyes of an outsider, check out Chatwin's book.

Patagonia Photography
Patagonia is world famous for its photographic vistas and photographic opportunities. Either of these two books will compliment the personal photographs you are sure to take in Patagonia.

Patagonia Conservation
Patagonia is still a pristine area of the world but it is under environmental pressure for economic opportunity and exploitation. Currently the Futaleufu river valley is under threat from hydro-electric development. If you want to learn more about the environmental issues threatening this region of the world check out these two books.

Histories of Chile & Patagonia
History buffs may want to spend some time learning about the facinating history of Chile and the remote region we call Patagonia. Besides the Spanish influence Chile has been the destination of many German snd Welsh settlers, especially in the Patagonia region. Learning about the history of Chile will help you better put in context all that you see.

Chilean Government & Politics
Chile is currently (since 1991) one of the strongest democracies and economies in South America.This was not always the case. To understand Chile today one must underrstand Pinochet. "I keep buying copies of this book for my friends, both gringos and chileans. I've been in Chile almost 3 years and this book has done more for my understanding of the dynamics of left and right in this contry than I thought a book could do." Chris McKinstry "A Nation of Enemies" is a fascinating and well-balanced account of the Pinochet years in Chile.

Chilean Culture & Biography
Chile has also produced some great artists and writers like Pablo Neruda and Isabelle Allende. Here are a selection of their works and biographies.

Chilean Wine & Cuisine
For those spending any time in Santiago you may have time to visit Chile's world famous vineyards.

Patagonia Trekking Guides & Maps
There are a number of good books that cover the major trekking areas in our area of Chile. We are big fans of the Lonely Planet series, it is hard to go wrong with them. If you are heading to Torres we definitely recommend that trekkers buy a map of the park.


Patagonia & Chile Field Guides
If you are a naturalist you may want to bring along one these field guides. We are especially fond of "Images Store/Birds of Southern South America and Antarctica" by Martin R. de la Pena.


Patagonia Horseback Riding Travelogues
Much of Patagonia history was written from the back of a horse. If you are riding with us you will definitly want to read up on the equestrian culture of the region. A. F Tschiffely's is one of the classics that started it all. The Foote's book is a facinating modern day account of riding in Patagonia.

Patagonia Fishing Guides & Fishing Photography
Finding a good fishing guide of Patagonia is difficult. To our knowledge the best is Argentina Trout fishing by William C. Leitch . While still good it is about a decade out of date. Use it to get the feel of this region instead of taking for the definitive word on fishing in the region.

There are also some excellent photo journals of fishing in Patagonia that are worth checking out.

Dictionaries & Translators
If you are not familiar with the Spanish language we recommend that you bring a pocket sized English-Spanish dictionary. In most cases you will be able to get by without one but they are nice to have, especially if you are going on a trip with a lot of cultural immersion.
Futaleufu Guidebooks
Futaleufu Whitewater is a new guidebook that came out this year - the only one devoted completely to the Futaleufu. If you are coming on a rafting or kayaking trip you will want this book. It gives a great introduction to the river and culture of the Futaleufu valley. The story of how Chris Spelius discovered the Futaleufu river valley back in 1985 and began Expediciones Chile is told in Carol Spelius' book "How We Got Here From There". It also covers a lot of the Spelius family history, Chris' early years in Chile and how Expediciones Chile came to be headquartered in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Kayak School Basic Istructional Books
If you are coming to one of our kayak school beginner courses we recommend that you purchase one of these instructional books to speed the learning process. Whitewater Paddling was written by the three time Freestyle World Champion, Eric Jackson.

If you are trying to master the kayak roll this book will start you in the right direction with detailed explanations of the various types of rolls.

Kayak School Advanced Istructional Books
For our advanced students we recommend the following three books. Ken Whiting was the 1997 world champion and current playboat instructional guru. Eric Jackson is the current world champion.
Swiftwater Rescue Manuals
For those attending our Guide School we recommend purchasing one of the following two Swiftwater Rescue Books. You should also consider The Complete Whitewater Rafter which is an invaluable aid in helping you become an effective river guide.

Kayak School Istructional DVDs
For those who really want to learn how to kayak (and who learn faster by seeing) we recommend the following two DVDs.


Expediciones Chile has running adventure travel trips in Patagonia since 1985. Try rafting Chile on the Futaleufu river. Trekking Patagonia in Torres del Paine, Cerro FitRoy and Las Glaciares National Parks. Sea kayaking Patagonia from the Andes to the Ocean or take lessons at a world class paddling school. Kayak Futaleufu whitewater from our kayak eco camp. Mountain biking in Patagonia wilderness. Earn a swiftwater rescue certification on the Futaleufu river. Fly fishing Chile and Argentina on the famous Lago Yelcho. Snow Skiing in Chile & Argentina. Eco tours and yoga travel vacations. Information about weather Patagonia, Patagonia travel and maps of Chile on our website

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