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Luggage & Travel Items

The following list of general travel items you may find useful for your trip to Chile. We have made reference to many of them in our packing lists.

Chile is a very safe country but nternational travelers will want to take precautions. we recommend that you put your valuables in a money belt that can be worn around the waist or neck. Make xerox copies of your passport, plane tickets and travel insurance policy. Store them seperately from your real documents incase you lose them.

We recommend a toiletry kit that can be hung up like the ones below. This will allow you to get at your stuff easily and quickly.

For towels we recommend quick drying towels that are typically sold at outdoor stores like REI and EMS.

Pack along a small personal medical kit incase of emergencies and an emergency sewing kit.

You will want to get as much sleep as you can on your overnight plane flight to Santiago or Buenos Aries. If you are camping out a pillow case can be stuffed with a polartec fleece jacket to make a pillow.

If light bothers your sleeping pack along a pair of eye shades. We also recommend a travel alarm clock or a wrist watch with a loud alarm. You will also need baggage tags for all of your luggage.

Don't forget to take along your favorite snack food, you probably won't be able to get it in Chile. Powerbars can also be eaten on the plane or in the airports, anywhere you happen to be hungry.

We strongly recommend waterproof, "bomb proof" duffel bags for international travels. These bags are so rugged they will last a lifetime.

We recommend internal frame packs for luggage as well. They are easy to carry and well constructed. Internal frames are also easier to load on horseback for supported trips. Below are some of our favorites.

Because of the potential of rain we recommend a rain cover for your backpack if it is not already waterproof.


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